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For quite a while now, artistic street art has been selling for record prices at renowned art auctions. Streeticons intends to make this art form accessible and affordable to a wider range of potential customers. The underlying idea: street art for your home! Streeticons provides high quality reproductions of enthusiastically designed urban art motifs, produced in strictly limited quantities. By both well-established and aspiring representatives of 21st century pop art. Our portfolio of artists is continuously expanding. Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you up-to-date and informed!

Street Art is individual, different and pretty refreshing. Whether an exclusive, strictly limited edition collector’s item or an exciting piece of home and wall deco in your living area – Streeticons provides you with the perfect style patterns for your living room, your home office or whatever. Acquire contemporary art now from Streeticons. At fair prices – but see for yourself.


Any artists interested in collaborating with Streeticons, please send an e-mail to: and attach a conclusive PDF or similar with work samples. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Authentic Materials

High quality substrates ensure the most realistic reproduction of the original work. They are based on the surfaces which artists deal with in their urban environments. From precious and washable aluminum composite boards (Dibond) to extremely rugged honeycomb cardboard and untreated lightweight wood.


This high quality material retains its shape – and is even suitable for outdoor use.

+ Direct-to-board printing
+ Thickness: 3 mm / extremely smooth surface
+ Washable


This high-quality cardboard made from recycled material is extremely robust. 

+ Direct-to-cardboard printing
+ Thickness: 5 to 100 mm
+ Extremely robust and lightweight


Solid plywood boards with natural grain texture for amazing effects.

+ Direct-to-board printing
+ Thickness: 5 mm
+ Extremely robust and lightweight


Upon request, we would be happy to produce the artworks of our portfolio with individual, customized dimensions.


In order to achieve a maximum effect, the works are not available in a classic rectangular shape. All motifs have an individual outline and/or milling line. 


The haptic effect is supported by aluminum fixtures on the back for wall mounting. This provides for fantastic shadow play and emphasizes the outlines of the art work. Wall distance: approx. 20 mm.


It is common practice to deliver limited editions with numbered certificates of authenticity.
These certificates specify important details of the relevant artwork and include the artist’s original signature on the back of the motif.