MadC is based in Germany but travelled the globe her whole life, leaving her mark wherever she went. From the very beginning she was in love with concept walls and constantly pushed her technique. Her most famous wall project yet is the so called 700Wall - a wall nearly 700 square meter big that she painted all by herself throughout the year 2010. The wall was a mile stone in graffiti history, not just for its size, but also for the idea behind it. On this wall, MadC told the story of a graffiti writer in various scenes and painted her name more than 100 times in diverse interpretations.  Although MadC paints all sorts of characters and backgrounds, her major interest lies in letters and fonts. In her gallery work she uses all sorts of materials but all her canvases are centred around street calligraphy.  In 2011, her book „Street Fonts“ was published by Thames & Hudson and various other publishers worldwide. The book shows over 150 alphabets by graffiti and street artists form around the globe. Since 1996, when MadC painted her first wall, she has visited more than 35 countries including Germany, France, USA, UK, Lebanon, South Africa, Bolivia, Hawaii, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Norway, Poland, Russia and many more.